Yes you can construct your house with your own style and own contractor. Or you may take help from us, we have a bunch of dedicated contractors who will guide you to full fill you dream project.

Our architects are, Mr. E.M.Mohanachandran, B.tech, .P.G.Dip, A.M.I.E., C..Eng,F.I.V (Civil engineering Consultant.), Mr. Prashanth Narayanan Namboothiripad, B.Tech, M.T.Arch( Vastu Consultant), and a squad of highly skilled workforce, we are committed to providing you with unsurpassed customer service and quality workmanship.

Presently we have six projects, both at Guruvayoor. Our upcoming project are Sreepathi Dwaraka and Sreepathi Rishikesh

It is a tax and must be paid in full and on time. A delay attracts penalty at 2% per month, subject to maximum penalty of 200% of the deficit amount of stamp duty. Documents lodged with the sub-registrar/superintendent of stamps prior to any amnesty scheme attract a lump sum reduced penalty. Documents not properly stamped are not admitted in court as evidence.

In the absence of an agreement to the contrary, the purchaser / transferee has to pay or in case of property exchange, both parties have to bear it equally.

Instruments include every document by which any right or liability is or purports to be created, transferred, limited, extended, extinguished or recorded but does not include a bill of exchange, cheque, promissory note, bill of lading, letter of credit, policy of insurance, transfer of shares, debentures proxy and receipt (which is charged under Indian Stamp Act, 1899). Except transfer by will (or by original nomination in a cooperative society) all transfer documents including agreements to sell, conveyance deed, gift deed, mortgage deed, exchange deed, deed of partition, power of attorneys, leave and license agreements, agreements of tenancy, lease deeds, power of attorney to sell for consideration etc. have to be properly stamped. When a nominee transfers the flat subsequently in the name of legal heirs, such transfer also requires stamp duty.

hotel apartments in guruvayur
hotel apartments